• 9 Sep, 2023
  • By chand.v

The 12 Km. Long track to the Holy Shrine is a long and tedious climb for most of the yatries. To relieve the monotony of the rather difficult trek and to lend an aesthetic aura to the scenery, the Shrine Board has beautified small patches of land on both sides of the track, by planting ornamental plants, shrubs and creepers, creating flowerbeds and dotting the area with appealing flora and fauna. In an area of about three hundred kanals, different species of ornamental plants and seasonal flowers have been planted and there is now a a profusion of colour and radiance in the environment.

These beautifully developed patches or Vatikas as they are commonly known are nearly seventy in number and are spread over the track on regular intervals. Of the seventy Vatikas, a few are exclusive rosaries. In addition to roses, varieties of Gladiolus, Dahlias, and Chrysanthemums also add colour and variety to the scene. Right from Banganga to Bhawan and on the Bhairon track, more than 1.5 lac ornamental plants have been planted and this process of beautification is still on. Vatikas have transformed the looks of the waste patches and have added to enhancing the beauty of already bewitching landscape of Trikuta Hills. The pilgrims traveling to the holy Shrine though tired are refreshed by the environment around them as these Vatikas, soothe their tired minds and act as a balm for their sore eyes.

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