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It has often been noticed that yatries, while on the pilgrimage, lose or misplace important items like watches, cameras or other belongings. While the golden rule as well as the advice of the Shrine Board would be to be extra cautious regarding important items, particularly at vulnerable locations including Bathing ghats, eateries and crowded places, yet, in case of such an eventuality the yatries need not panic. The items lost by the yatries, if found by the Board staff or returned to the Board staff by other visiting devotees, are kept in the custody of the respective area head of the Shrine Board. For instance, in the Bhawan Complex the lost/found items are deposited either with the Sr. Manager or the SDM Bhawan. The list of officers for other locations is indicated below. These lost found items are maintained there for some time and, if not claimed, are later shifted to the Central Office of the Board. Any claimant, may after such inquiry as satisfies the officer of the Board, claim his lost and found item.

If these items remain unclaimed for over a year's time , they are shifted to the Central Stores of the Board and, if usable, are utilitized in the service of the other visiting pilgrims.

Evidently, the above course of action is taken only if the items found are not perishable. In case of perishable items, they are deemed to have been exhausted and on claim of such items, the Board may not be in a position to return the same to the devotees.

Cases have also been reported where Yatries lose their entire packet of money or valuables and are then left with hardly any amount. Assistance in such cases can be sought from the Officers of the Shrine Board located at various locations (detailed list below).

The following are the offices to be contacted in case of such an eventuality:

Bhawan Area Office of the SDM, Room No-8, Kalika Bhawan, Bhawan.
Ph. No. 01991-282222
Office of the Manager, Room No-4, Kalika Bhawan, Bhawan.
Ph. No. 01991-282223
Sanjhi Chhat Area Office of the Assistant Manager, Sanjichhat.
Ph. No. 01991-282237
Adhkuwari Area Office of the Manager, Adhkuwari.
Ph. No. 01991-234329
Office of the Manager, Banganga.
Ph. No. 01991-232031
Officer Incharge, Niharika Complex, Near Bus Stand, Katra.
Ph. No. 01991-232125
Director (Operations) , Central Office, Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board,
Katra- 182301
Ph. No. 01991-234124

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Help is also available at
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